Military and Strategic Affairs

Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Sunil Lanba told the media on December 2, 2016 that the Indian Navy is scouting for another carrier operations compatible fighter besides the MiG-29, since LCA Navy lacks the payload required to be effective when operating from a carrier.

Our first prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, has become famous for many monumental blunders that he made one after another, and each went on to weaken our country a little more than before. One such blunder was the Panchsheel Agreement. 

June 7, 1981 – Israel: Eight F-16s and six F-15s took off Etzion Air Force base with their blazing afterburners, with a full load of weapons and drop tanks.  The destination was approximately 1600 kilometers north east of Jerusalem.  It was the outskirts of Baghdad, the Iraqi capital city.  The mission target was Osirak, President Saddam Hussein’s nuclear

Kashmir has been burning for decades now. Sometimes it is a jungle fire, wild and difficult to control, otherwise it’s a bonfire, keeps erupting a bit but doused quickly, but it’s burning. Who ignites it and who fans it, is pretty apparent, but more important is to know who supplies the fuel?  Who funds these terrorists?

As expected Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s address at the 71st session of UN General Assembly (UNGA) was bereft of any reference to Uri terror attacks and the bequeathing freedom fighter tag on Burhan Wani left India fuming. Exercising its right to reply, Indian gave a strong rebuttal.

Early morning of 18th Sep 2016, terrorists, trained and equipped from Pakistan, successfully attacked an Army camp in Uri. 17 soldiers died on the spot. 30 more were injured. The injuries were serious and the fatalities have since increased. This is the single biggest terror attack since the swearing-in of the present dispensation in Delhi in 2014.

The GreeksJohn Murray writes in his Book; the History of India, have described Indians as tall and active. Their bravery was always spoken of as characteristic; their superiority in war to other Asiatics is repeatedly asserted and appears in more ways than one.

India’s foreign policy under PM Narendra Modi has been dynamic and innovative. It has taken a break from usual ambivalent foreign policy that India adopted over the last 5 decades. Ever since independence India has followed the Nehruvian Doctrine of Non Alignment and Pacifism as the pillars of India’s foreign policy and world view.

In the present world of shrewd diplomacy and complicated international relations, secrecy in defence projects is considered to be a must. The recent leak of key details regarding French designed Scorpene submarine has not only been a case of great concern but has also posed a serious threat to India's abilities in naval combat.

Very few books are written about gradual evolution of Indian Diplomacy. The book “A life in Diplomacy” by Maharaja Krishna Rasgotra, offers rare insights about the individuals and early events that shaped India’s fledging foreign policy. He was among the second batch of 10 officers who joined the prestigious Indian Foreign Services (IFS) in 1949.

The  massive leaks of 'signature data' of six Scorpene submarines' to be supplied to Indian Navy by DCNS, a company two thirds owned by the French Government, has rocked our defense establishment. The news of the data leak was published by 'The Australian'.

Introduction: Lockheed Martin (LM), with backing from the US Government, has offered to build a new variant of the venerable F-16 Fighting Falcon in India.

Designated F-16 C/D Block 70, the fighter would introduce the following new capabilities.  

Over the last few months, Jihadist terror attacks in various parts of the World, particularly in Muslim countries have provided the international community yet another occasion to acknowledge the real ideological orientation of this kind of terrorism.

KARGIL wouldn’t have been that famous a name but for the WAR that was fought between two nuclear armed neighbours. History’s judgement will go that way but the truth lies in the fact that Kargil and the War in 1999 will forever be associated.

A very simple Formula can solve the American puzzle and help clear their minds about Pakistan and whether Pakistan is their friend or enemy.

Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif wadding through muddled waters of internal dissidence sought to rake up the issue of killing of Burhan Wani, Hizb-ul-Mujahideen Indian commander to avert internal crisis.  After the killing of Burhan Wani, Kashmir Valley witnessed wide spread protests and violence.

Whatever be the consequences, the issue of Indo-Pakistan continues to draw unprecedented domestic and international attention. The flurry of activity between India and Pakistan in the past four months flagged off by a meeting between NSA’s of both countries accompanied by their foreign secretaries signaled the inception of a new praxis of diplomatic of engagement.

As yet another series of orchestrated bomb attacks ripped apart Brussels, the functional capital of European Union, the colossal terror network seems to have strengthened its footprint across the globe.