About Us

About MyIndMakers

MyIndMakers is a New Age Media Company established in 2015 to enable the exchange of Global Ideas and Solutions. It is a place to argue and dissect status quo and an Interactive Zone built to inspire EVERYONE to contribute to public life.

Historic movements are unpolished ideas to begin with; eventually great nations are built on durable and sustainable ideas, and ultimately greater civilizations survive on ideas that can be debated threadbare. MyIndMakers will scrutinize and disseminate these ideas, churn new ones as by-products and present solutions to each and every aspect of day to day existence.

MyIndMakers is not only a platform for debate but also an an avid supporter for positive change around the world. MyIndMakers is founded with the firm belief that Democracy, Innovation and Spirituality shall remain the bulwarks against poverty and ignorance.

United States of America, as the worlds first and most efficient democracy and India as the largest and most complex, have so much to offer to the rest of the Listening and Aspiring world. MyIndMakers believes that everyone has the ability to change the world. And change comes only when ideas are put to test and debated. 

We encourage you to write, contribute, post comments and to join us in the search for great minds ! 

Together we are all MyIndMakers.

The MyInd TEAM