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India is leapfrogging into future, ahead of advanced economies. It has been charting a unique course. It opted for democracy and universal franchise. It missed the manufacturing bus but it took the services flight. It ushered the green revolution and milk revolution. It started with a government dominated economy and switched a market economy.

MyInd Debate

Aadit Kapadia, Sunanda Vashisht and Pramod Kimar Buravalli in conversation with author and columnist Dr Michael Krugman. They discuss India's Pakistan policy, the Uri attacks, Kashmir, China and the US policy towards India and Pakistan.

MyInd Debate

Aadit Kapadia, Sunanda Vashisht and Pramod Kumar Buravalli in conversation with author, urban theorist and economist Sanjeev Sanyal.


The recently concluded state visit by Afghanistan President, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani fortified the long-standing Indo-Afghan relations. Buttressing Modi’s piquant call to impose sanctions on states sponsoring terror at the recent G-20 summit and the ASEAN Meet, Afghan President in the joint statement vociferously denounced the regional adversary for fomenting terror.

MyInd Interview

MyInd Interview with Dr. Richard Benkin

Dr. Richard Benkin is a human rights activist based in America. He is the co-founder of ‘Interfaith strength’ and is a journalist and author. He has authored various books and is associated with organizations like the ‘Islam Israel’ fellowship. He has raised the issues of Hindus in Pakistan in Bangladesh around the world. MyIndMakers talks to him about his work, books and human rights across the world.

Please tell us about your background and how you came to be associated with interfaith issues worldwide? 


What should India's response be to Pakistan sponsored terror attacks?