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It is very unfortunate that recently we are witnessing the increased instances of judicial activism by our Courts, in particular on the cultural and religious practices.

MyInd Interview

MyInd Interview with Air Vice Marshal Arjun Subramaniam

Arjun Subramaniam is a serving Air Vice Marshal in the Indian Air Force and is currently a faculty member at the National Defence College, New Delhi.

This interview offers a peek into the Mind of a Soldier-Scholar-Historian & the Author of ‘India’s Wars: A Military History 1947-1971’

What prompted you to write” A Military history of India's wars (1947-1971): ? Was John Keegan one of the motivating factors? 

MyInd Interview

MyInd Interview: Nilesh Oak speaks to Wim Borsboom

Nilesh Nilkanth Oak had a chance to sit down with independent researcher & Indologist Wim Borsboom, author of: “Alphabet or Abracadabra? Reverse Engineering the Western Alphabet”

He returned from India to Victoria Canada - where he lives - from a four and a half month book promotion and lecture tour to 20 universities, colleges, museums and private institutions throughout India.

Nilesh read his book just after publication last year, June 2015, titled “Alphabet or Abracadabra? - Reverse Engineering the Western Alphabet”, a monograph on his discovery about the origins of the Western Alphabet, how it was modelled after a very early Indian alphabet, at least 3400 years ago,

We reproduce their conversation here:

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The XXXI Olympiad being held currently in Rio de Janeiro 2016 (5th August - 21st August) is moving towards the business end.


As the largest democratic nation in the World, Indian realm should have been dominated by diverse narratives. But unfortunately a predominant narrative considered to be forthright, refined, elitist, and modern has been ruling the roost. All other interpretations or thought-processes are branded as brusque, orthodox, outdated and jingoistic.


Indianized kingdoms, which flourished in the SE Asia centuries back, have left a lasting Hindu legacy in the present day countries such as Cambodia, Indonesia, and Laos. Vietnam has its representative in the My Son temple complex. In this travelogue, I will be writing about my travel to My Son temple complex located in Central Vietnam, about an hour from Hoi An by bus.