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June 7, 1981 – Israel: Eight F-16s and six F-15s took off Etzion Air Force base with their blazing afterburners, with a full load of weapons and drop tanks.  The destination was approximately 1600 kilometers north east of Jerusalem.  It was the outskirts of Baghdad, the Iraqi capital city.  The mission target was Osirak, President Saddam Hussein’s nuclear

MyInd Debate

Aadit Kapadia, Sunanda Vashisht and Pramod Kimar Buravalli in conversation with author and columnist Dr Michael Krugman. They discuss India's Pakistan policy, the Uri attacks, Kashmir, China and the US policy towards India and Pakistan.

MyInd Debate

Aadit Kapadia, Sunanda Vashisht and Pramod Kumar Buravalli in conversation with author, urban theorist and economist Sanjeev Sanyal.


The recently concluded state visit by Afghanistan President, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani fortified the long-standing Indo-Afghan relations. Buttressing Modi’s piquant call to impose sanctions on states sponsoring terror at the recent G-20 summit and the ASEAN Meet, Afghan President in the joint statement vociferously denounced the regional adversary for fomenting terror.

MyInd Interview

Madhu Pandit Dasa is chairman of Akshaya Patra. A B.Tech in Civil Engineering from IIT Mumbai, he initiated the Akshaya Patra program in the year 2000 by feeding 1500 children in 5 govt schools. Presently, this program reaches out to over 1.5 million school children in 26 locations in ten states in the country. We asked Madhu Pandit Dasa about Akshaya Patra, its vision and its success

How did the journey begin for Akshaya Patra? What was the motivation to start the foundation?