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At the very start let me make three submissions.

I am not a movie buff at all.

I seriously think fellow Right Wingers need to be choosy about picking their fights.

And Aamir Khan rightly got slammed for the “Rising Intolerance” comments.

I am not a Movie buff and yet I want to watch Dangal - because I am a sports buff!

The Bollywood couple, Saif Ali Khan Pataudi and Kareena Kapoor officially named their newborn baby boy Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi. The newborn had nothing to do regarding the name he received, so at this point he is also a victim of his parents’ megalomania. However, we should not excuse or rationalize the atrocious behavior of the parents who are adults and should know better.

I feel honored presenting this review of the recent “extraterrestrial” novel, Mission to Earth, written by my good friend, Fil Munas. Professionally, we went separate ways; I became an Urologist, he became a Psychiatrist. After several decades, Fil’s novel has brought us together in a splendid way, indeed!

Donald Trump's win over Hillary Clinton may have surprised many as mainstream media and pollsters have been proved wrong. Analysts and psephologists will be doing a post-mortem of the verdict for the next few weeks by structuring. Breaking and analyzing the numbers in every way possible way to deconstruct the Electoral College victory of Donald Trump.

Two years back, on this one of the saddest days of world cricket we lost a very fine cricketer Phil Hughes, who succumbed to the injury from an unexpected bouncer. Terrible it was…just terrible.. And reminds me of several moments from the dangerous cricketing past.

It was Saturday morning, and I woke up hearing my phone ringing. It was my sister from India who was calling me to inform that she got engaged last night, and they were going to get married in 3-4 months. I was very happy for her, and we had a lengthy talk about the arrangements for the wedding ceremonies, the invitations, the music, and of course the attire.

Handloom and Khadi business constitutes an integral part of rural and semi rural livelihood in India. After the clarion call made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, there has been a tremendous increase in production as well as increased exports in recent times. In comparison to the rest in the Indo-Pacific region, India has one of the largest array of working handlooms.

India last week completed the milestone of 500th Test and convincingly won in Kanpur. Yesterday it finished 250th home Test, again winning and also securing the No. 1 Test team position.

Rajasthan is one place in India that is full of handicrafts and art work. Not only are the works of Rajasthan colorful and vibrant, they are also world famous for their design, intricacy and beauty.

Two days can make all the difference. Two days ago, the discussion was going on in games village and sports headquarters in Delhi whether Indians are going to remember Rio Olympics as ‘unlucky 4th’ or not. Be it Abhinav Bindra or Sania Mirza or Dipa Karmakar, even a ‘Bronze’ medal seemed to be elusive for Indian contingents in Rio Olympics.

Ever since undivided India started sending its contingent for Olympics, hockey has been the center of attraction. The team-game, which is the 'national sport of India’, has won so many laurels for the country at the topmost level at various times in Indian history.

The XXXI Olympiad being held currently in Rio de Janeiro 2016 (5th August - 21st August) is moving towards the business end.

Think of Hindi movie songs, and think of a synonym to versatility, it was one man, Kishore Kumar aka Kishore-da was also fondly called 'guru.' Born as Abhas Kumar Ganguly, on 4th of August 1929 in Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh. Popularly known as ‘The multifaceted genius’, Kishore Kumar was a complete entertainer.

One institution that represents the average Indian society, swinging between bitter sweet descriptions and emotions and sadly is the most mis-represented in popular media culture is the Joint family.

A couple of years ago who would have imagined that Yoga would one day be embraced wholeheartedly in Gulf countries??!! It becomes more pertinent when certain so called secularists back in the very place of origin of Yoga are deliberately opposing it for political reasons.

In the previous post on the subject, 'Jaane Kahan Gaye Wo Log', we talked about the legendary musicians Anil BiswasC Ramachandran and Madan Mohan, who never got their dues.

Liberals are seriously upset with “Buddha in A Traffic Jam”. There are mainly three reasons for it.

First, the film portrays Maoists in their true colors: as the criminals, extortionists and killers that they really are.

Second, it depicts the nexus between underground Maoists and their suave over-ground collaborators, using academia as example.