Changing Dynamics of the Education Sector: Creating Cradles for Tomorrow's Leaders

A micro-slicing of the lives of the Leadership of the bygone era brings out the fact that their lives, efforts and interests lay amidst a myriad of activities in cross-sectoral profiles.  The successful ones, such as Gandhi and Churchill, were great integrators of lessons they learnt during their hands-on experience on Cross-Disciplinary Ventures. MK Gandhi, was a barrister, a paramedic during Boer War, an activist in South Africa, a political figure in 1890s and a 'Spiritual Integrator' in 1900s.

Similarly, Churchill began as a Captain in the British Army, A Nationalist thereafter, and developed as an astute political figure eventually.

Tomorrow’s leaders will have to be similarly participative, empirical and transplant ideations from Cross-Sectorial Disciplines. This Cross-Pollination of Trans-Sectorial idea is what separated them from their peers.

Here we discuss some of the core-ideations and desired thrust areas which our Education Sector needs to initiate and sustain.

The erstwhile hallmarks of 'Transparency & Visibility' need to make greater way for the upgrade of ’Participation’.

This factor is gaining greater currency especially in TV, Cinema and Business. More and more TV programs, institutions and organizations are now looking for viewer feedback.

This 'Ask' mode is here to stay. The business / polity which remain untouched with this 'Ask' phenomenon will start to lose relevance corresponding to the speed of its competitors. The right time to inculcate this habit is today to ensure its part of tomorrow's Zeitgeist. 

The Buzzword in Corporate Teams is now ‘Feedback’. The  'In Thing' is 360*.The industry most likely to be impacted is the Education Industry, in fact, it's the 'Audience Feedback' which is a key decision maker for students seeking to enroll into different curriculums and institutions.

As the consolidation phase arrives in the Education Industry after Key Foreign Players hit Indian Shores, the 'Tie-Up' Era shall dawn. The precursor to this dawn is already on the horizon.

The Educational Institutes will have to 'Look Up and Hook-Up' to Industry to provide inputs for contents for a 'Floor Ready Engineers' & towards Schools for 'Fishing', the flow of manpower to and fro industry shall be the key imperative. Human Resource from Industry will flow to Educational Institutions to ready the Human Resource being ploughed into the industry by the Institution. This movement in '8' is key ingredient to Creative Destruction expounded by ilk of Thought Leaders like Prof Daron Acemoglu and Gary Hamel and in-line with timeless vedantic wisdom. 

The current initiative is to offer students an additional subject in addition to major subject such as Engineering Students opting to undergo Economics and Finance. However, this may be inadequate to address industry needs in a Future-Proof Empirical manner and should further encompass different verticals very soon.

A Stanford University study suggests that subjects studied during Graduation and soft-skill competencies add in 30:70 Ratio towards the actual output for an 'On-Site Application'. Developing these curriculums to arrive at an alumni which adds value to economy, national growth and a world-citizen which makes our ancestors to be proud of their pedigree is an onerous task for the Education Sector to profile and fill in. Whether their future products are worth the wait, or the wait is not worth the wait, is something for which we will have to wait.

The ultimate test and branding will be 'Industry Readiness' which is only possible with an 'Ask' attitude. Ideas and ideals of current Zeitgeist of Educational Systems will change. The Basic Mantra from 'Teaching' will have to move to 'Guidance' for students who'll be learning on 'Live Projects'. Some of these 'Live Projects' will be 'Outsources' from the Industry. The whole System will be a Chain of Integrated Activities with Cross-Linkages from 'Womb to Tomb'.

The cross pollination of ideas will further accelerate with Exchange Programs with Foreign Universities.

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