2016 American Elections

The most important political office is that of private citizen – Louis Brandeis

Every country has a unique set of problems. The political parties encash that into votes with promises of providing solutions. The one’s that convince have their vote, and if they don’t deliver they lose their trust. It’s a continuous cycle.

Dear Liberals, Please start owning your defeats as well as your victories.

Hillary Clinton did not lose because she is a woman. She did not lose because of some conspiracy hatched by cigar smoking old white men in some old boys club and most definitely she did not lose because of the evil Russian dictator Auric--- I mean Vladimir Putin.

Donald J Trump has been elected as the 45th President of the United States. In a surprise victory, that left pollsters, pundits and commentators all flummoxed, Donald Trump surged ahead and defeated   Hillary Clinton in a closely contested battle. America has chosen complete break from the past and has voted in Trump who has no administrative experience.

After the final Presidential debate, several news agencies declared Hillary Clinton as the winner. With two major self-goals- “nasty woman” jibe and refusal to accept election outcome, Republican Candidate Donald Trump squandered an opportunity to make big gains. Congruently, major surveys predicted an emphatic victory for Clinton giving her a six-point lead over Trump.

The final Presidential debate of 2016 has now come and gone. It will be the last face to face showdown these two candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, will have before election day. No doubt Mr. Trump would like more as he performs well on the stage and Ms.

Philadelphia: A day after US presidential nominee Donald J. Trump said in a New York event that he loves the Hindus and India, not far from New York, in Philadelphia another group of Hindus were silently scripting together a brand new political coalition.

As the US presidential race enters into its final stretch, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump faced off in the first presidential debate today. The debate saw the usual positioning of the two candidates and in the initial stages, Donald Trump seemed to have the edge over Hillary Clinton especially on the economic issues.

Donald John Trump. He has been a hot topic in politics these past two years. Ever since he declared his candidacy for Office in 2015, the media has been all over him. His ideas have been polarizing voters since, and whether people love Trump, or utterly despise him, everyone in the USA has an opinion about “The Donald”.

Indians love blockbusters. They wait for big banner movies, lap up their teasers and trailers, and throng to theaters in big numbers. They enjoy political blockbusters in similar fashion. In between the blockbusters, they entertain themselves with star gossip and street fights of politicians.

For people outside of the US there might be the misconception that we elect our political officials. Locally that is true. We do elect our state legislature and our federal congress directly. But when it comes to the presidency we do not. We elect people who, in turn, elect other people for us.

The 2016 American Presidential election currently has a large number of candidates on the Republican side, and a remarkable battle between two candidates on the Democratic side.

Many Conservatives and Republicans are still baffled by the Donald Trump phenomenon. Many people are still perched upon their ivory towers casting down their righteous indignation at the lowly masses who could support such a charlatan. A leftist in disguise. A lifelong Democrat. A man such as Donald Trump. They fail to understand the fundamentals of the situation.