Latest Reports: 8th century Hindu-Buddhist sculptures discovered near Assam-Mizoram border  Armenia and Azerbaijan reach agreement on prisoner exchange  Putins rare UAE, Saudi visit focuses on OPEC+ cooperation   India, Mauritius and Sri Lanka attend the 6th Colombo security conclave in NSA-level meeting  Senate Republicans halt aid to Israel and Ukraine, insist on border policy changes  Chinese Navy ships are first to dock at new Beijing-linked Cambodian naval pier  Army explores military-grade 5G, 6G apps, focuses on emerging technologies  SIPRI lists three Indian public sector companies in top 100 arms manufacturers globally  China accuses UK of breaching international law following sanctions over Ukraine conflict  Iran announces successful launch of a capsule with animals into orbit   Bhutan and India collaborate on joint effort to protect endangered species in South Asia  Amnesty Probe: US-made weapon linked with Israeli airstrike in Gaza, caused 43 civilian deaths  G7 leaders unanimously decide to enforce ban on Russian diamonds in support of Ukraine  US and Japan militaries ground entire Osprey fleet after crash due to material failure  UN Secretary General Guterres invokes Article 99 amid Israel-Gaza conflict  

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