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Karan Doshi

Author, Literary & Blogger

B.E. Chemical Engg. (Univ. of Mumbai)

M.S. Chemical Engg. (Texas Tech Univ.)

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Mumbai, India

About Me:

I have a Bachelors and Masters in Chemical Engineering and along with interests in my core subjects of mathematics and science; I dabble in religion, law, politics and economics. I strongly believe that application of rational thought, logic and sound reasoning can result in the best understanding of the subject at hand and in many cases can give a radically different perspective from what is the generally prevailing trend. I am an avid reader… I also write in the Editor's section of various newspapers in addition to running my own blog and having published books.

Newspaper Editorials:

  • K. Doshi, “तेलाच्या किमतींचे गौडबंगाल”, Page 15, Maharashtra Times, 25 Mar 2016
  • K. Doshi, “लोकमतला छेद देणारा ‘नकाराधिकार’ कशासाठी?”, Page 7, Sakal, 9 Dec 2015



Scientific Papers:

  • Doshi, K., & Simon, S. (2005). Modeling nanoporosity development in polymer films for low‐k applications. Polymer Engineering & Science, 45(5), 640-651