Fred Stella

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Fred Stella began his spiritual search within the Hindu Dharma at the age of 15. He was initiated into his specific tradition over 25 years ago. His training includes time spent in temples and ashrams both here and in India. His articles have appeared in  Hindu Vishwa, India Link and Hinduism Today magazines. He is an ordained Pracharak (which translates to "Outreach Minister") for the West Michigan Hindu Temple and  a well respected teacher of various branches of Yoga and meditation. He has lectured extensively in both the US and India on the traditions of Hinduism. In 2013 he presented a paper on "The White Hindu Phenomenon" at a Princeton symposium.  Besides Fred's work within his own faith he labors heartily in the field of religious tolerance. Fred currently serves on the National Leadership Council of the Hindu American Foundation and for almost 20 years he has served as President of Interfaith Dialogue Association.  In that role he hosts the radio program (also available on the web), "Common Threads" where he interviews many  brilliant spiritual giants of various religions.