The Journey Begins: An Inquiring Childhood: I was not born Hindu, unless one accepts the proposition that all of us are born within the Sanatana Dharma, the perennial and universal truth at the basis of all philosophies and religions, only gradually coming to identify with a particular culture and belief system as we grow up in a particular time and place.

The question everybody is asking is if the world politics is on the crossroads? Certain events and activities that I list and discuss in a bit here certainly point towards current world order being in flux.

"...To support YES! Yoga for Encinitas Students, we arranged the expert testimony of Chris Chapple, PhD and professor of Indic and comparative religion at Loyola Marymount University. He asserts that 'yoga may be practiced free from religious ideology," and describes the wide array of religions and cultures that have practiced and studied yoga"

Who Cares? No matter how many times I present it in various venues, either in talks or in articles in books or on the internet, I find that there is an ongoing fascination with the story of how I came to identify myself as Hindu, and to be an active, participating member of the Hindu community in North America.  I suspect this is because my story, while it is certainly not

“Feminine force is that inner strength, that power, that will to face down any negative circumstances in life and defeat them.” -Georgette Mosbacher

During, many Hindu temples and homes reverberate with prayers to the mother Goddess. The most well-known prayers chanted during this time include ‘Chandi Paath’ in the North(aka  Durga SaptaShati and Devi Mahatmyam) and ‘Sri LalitaSahasranAma’(LSN) in the South. While the former is also recited in the south,  it’s the Sahasranamam that is ubiquitous.

I have written a lot about belief in God and what change it brought to my life. I will go one step further and attempt to write my thoughts about believers. I will refrain from writing about the non-believers or atheists as they call themselves, because I never understood why someone should make so much noise about something, which they believe doesn’t even exist.

One thing that we all must take into consideration when we observe another nation’s laws and customs is that one size does not fit all. Many Americans tend to believe that we have a monopoly on right thinking when it comes to issues of personal freedom, religious expression, sexual mores and the like.

The phenomenon of very young children, between the ages of three and six, claiming to remember details of their past lives is not unheard of in India.  A skeptic, however, might claim that such alleged memories, particularly occurring in a culture where reincarnation is a widely accepted belief, are simply a reflection of this prevailing belief.  Such stories certainly do not meet the

Harihara-abheda or Harihara-advaita, the non-duality of Shiva and Vishnu was an intellectual movement in the

My wife and I have a tradition that bonds us in a very special way. Every 5th wedding anniversary we spend in Italy.  Not only does it give us time together in a stunningly beautiful country and an opportunity to reconnect with my family, but we also use our time to spiritually rejuvenate.  Part of that rejuvenation is experienced in the many churches that we visit.

I hope the title of this piece did not make you read it twice. Hinduism’s fight against Caste and Birth based discrimination is not an oxymoron or anomaly. For the population that was made to study for at least three generations that ‘caste-ism is one of the evils in Hinduism’, this might come across as a surprise.

I had been teaching Hatha Yoga at Muskegon (Michigan) Community College for maybe 3 of the 15 years of my tenure there when a woman approached me on the last day of class for the term. She was a “nontraditional” student, which is code for being of the age when she could easily have been the mother of the rest of the students.

Being President of Interfaith Dialogue Association I connect with a variety of people practicing a host of traditions. One thing that I notice is that every person I know who fasts during Ramadan and extols the Koran is a Muslim. No exceptions.  My friends who attend a synagogue on Sabbath are all Jews.

We all use the words happiness, sorrow, pain and pleasure, but do we really know the true meaning of these words? The common answer is ‘who does not know the meaning of happiness and sorrow?’ And that, “everyone in life experiences it frequently”. But nothing concrete comes out of any answer.

“Yoga” has many meanings; union, knowledge etc. Lord Sri Krishna gave the definition to the word yoga as “Art of all work”.


ఈశ్వరభాష, ఈ ‘స్వర’ భాష    . నాగ అంబటిపూడి