Most of the experts from around the world appreciated Modi Government's demonetization move. Its impact on black money holders is a debatable subject until RBI releases final details about the amount that returned to the banks.

It is that time of the year again. Rahul Gandhi, the scion of the Congress party, where the workers see him as the next Rajiv Gandhi and he sees himself as the next activist, has returned. Where has he returned from? Well from his yearly hibernation that happens around this time.

PM Modi will address the nation on 31st December. Coming close on the heels of the Big Bang demonetization of 8th November and the tectonic shifts that it unleashed in India's political economy, there is electric excitement in the air.

The only subject of conversation in the country today is demonetization and it is becoming more interesting day by day because everyone has a view on it. The reason is simple.

I have often been baffled when I see people use “Right Wing” loosely associating it with anything to do with “Hindus”, and I have often wondered when did anything ‘Hindu’ become symbolic of Right Wing when the concept came from French Revolution.

As my good friend Sanjeev Sanyal once mentioned “what passes for financial journalism today is mostly a triumph or English over Economics.” Ever since Narendra Modi’s NDA government banned the 500 and 1000 rupee notes, this is proving to be true nearly on a daily basis.

As Tamilnadu ,  a state that is one among the leading states in social and economic indicators, is sunk into a state of mourning .An Iron Lady popularly known as Amma , Puratchi Thalaivi (Revolutionary Woman Leader) Selvi . J. Jayalalitha is laid to rest at the famous Marina Beach , world’s first longest natural urban beach, Chennai.

The death of Amma brings down curtains on a significant era of Indian politics. The legacy of Southern India's 'Iron lady', Jayalalithaa’s death will create a huge void in AIADMK and Tamil Nadu Politics. Jayalalithaa passed away on Monday night after suffering a cardiac arrest. In all these years, Jayalalithaa was not only a leader but also an ‘Amma’ (mother) for all.

Ever since the big announcement of demonetization of high value-currency notes, the series of the outbursts and vituperative tirade of West Bengal Chief Minister, Mamata Banerjee undeniably has followed a pattern.

Tavleen Singh was one of the speakers invited to share her views on the “Nature of Nationalist Narrative”, in one of the panel discussions at the recently concluded India Ideas conclave in Goa.

Opposition parties have given a call for Bharat Bandh on Nov 28 to protest Demonetization Drive. Denouncing the move as anti-poor and anti-people, united Opposition will observe Nov 28th as “Aakrosh Din”.

The world woke up to Breaking news last Friday: Fidel Castro dies at the age of 90.

Ever since the big bang announcement of demonetization by the government on the 8th of November 2016, most of the opposition parties are in a meltdown mode barring a couple. One of those standing in support of the government is the Chief Minister of Bihar - Mr. Nitish Kumar. He has endorsed the war waged by Modi against the Black money more than once.

When Narendra Modi won power with a decisive mandate in 2014, the most favorite pastime of op ed columnists was to find a historical parallel for him. Since no one knew how he will run India, these crutches were important for ‘opedists’ because it helped them ‘evaluate’ a man who would tell them nothing and whose team would leak nothing.

This may shock many, but Sheikh Hasina's Bangladesh seems more intent in curbing Islamic Jihad than Mamata Banerjee's Bengal.  This is despite the fact that Bangladesh isn't a great example of a State that protects its citizens against Islamic extremism.

Here is why.

[This piece was written by Sunanda Vashisht in September of 2003 and published in now defunct SAWF (South Asian Women’s Forum) when Hillary Clinton’s book Living History was released. In light of recent news events, we reproduce it here today]

Every land and culture has its own unique customs and traditions. Kerala, bordered by the Western Ghats on the east and the sea on the west has developed a peculiar system of traditions as well as political behavior different from rest of India. Hailed as the most literate state with a higher rank in HDI, Keralaites tend to look down on the comparatively ‘unschooled’ regions in India.

This article is primarily intended for those who are not on twitter.

On October 31st, while speaking at a Delhi High Court event, the Chief Minister of Delhi, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal went on to make some slanderous allegations, as follows (emphasis mine):