Experiencing the Colors of Rajasthan in Jodhpur

After capital city Jaipur, Jodhpur is second largest city in this state. It has lot to offer in terms of culture, heritage, and monuments to tourists of different tastes.  This city is also the gateway to the Thar Desert. The travel plan of every tourist has some provisions for shopping. People generally like to purchase the items which have made any town proud, some also try to get souvenirs or memorabilia’s for remembrance.  And those coming to this town are never unhappy as there is something for every age group.  So let us start the shopping journey under different heads.

Clothes and Dress materials: The tie and dye work of Jodhpur is popular throughout the world. It has evolved over centuries and is a result of dedicated team efforts. Mostly people from the RANGREZ community are doing this work, all family members contribute to this work. The tie dye work is represented in colourful sarees, chunnies, and dupattas and dress materials. The print work is described as Bandhani, Lehariya and Mothada.

Along with the traditional work as above, town is also famous for variety of Sarees having Gota Patti and lace work

Saafa or head gear is pride of Rajasthan. It is worn on all formal or informal occasions. There are different designs, color combinations available for any function

Handicrafts: This probably started with the evolution of the city, initially made for consumption in state as well as in country, assumed global significance in late 1980’s as export started to USA and European nations. The Jodhpuri handicrafts represent decorative articles for home and office use as well as for gift purpose. Some very large size articles have been created to be set up as monuments near roads and buildings as well. The basic raw material used is wood, white metal, stones.

Wood item

Metal craft

Stone items

Embroidery: Some popular items are also prepared in Jodhpur. Glass work embroidery is generally associated with Kutch area, but also being done in villages around Jodhpur. Leather craft is also popular, footwear, ladies purses are common items.

Embroidery on leather

Sweets and snacks: It is not advisable to buy perishable food items but one can not resist temptations of sweets and snacks from Jodhpur. Traditional sweets like ladoo, jalebi, barfis may be available anywhere but there are certain food items which originated in this town. First is the sweet Mawa Kachori which was invented by local sweet maker Rawat Mal Deora 150 years ago. Now there are many shops making this, but his family shop still exists in the town. The second item is the very spicy Mirchi Vada. One can get Mawa kachori as it remains fresh even after 2-3 days. It is better to taste Mirchi Vada during your stay here.

After completing your travel schedule and shopping, time to have local mouth fresheners. Jodhpur offers 150 varieties of them.


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