India and Tajikistan on the recently concluded five day visit of President Emomalih Rahmon (from December 14th to 18th) have agreed to strengthen trade links through Chabahar Port. The agreement comes at a time when Pakistan is wooing nations to be part of the CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor) project.

Apart from the shared values of democracy and freedom, India and Israel enjoy a unique relationship. While a dominant section of Hindu society largely admired, Jewish nationalism and concurred with the moral and political base of creation of Israel, India’s official position on Israel was different.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May on her three day visit to India attempted to reinvigorate Post-Brexit trade ties with India. The visit was particularly significant since it is May’s first bilateral to a country outside European Union after taking over as the Prime Minister of UK.

The massive diplomatic blitzkrieg at Goa should indeed find a special place in annals of Indian foreign policy for the audaciously bringing out a collaborative commitment on fighting terrorism.

The recently concluded state visit by Afghanistan President, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani fortified the long-standing Indo-Afghan relations. Buttressing Modi’s piquant call to impose sanctions on states sponsoring terror at the recent G-20 summit and the ASEAN Meet, Afghan President in the joint statement vociferously denounced the regional adversary for fomenting terror.

Whenever I pass the busy Ho-Chi-Minh Road in South Delhi, I am invariably reminded of an extremely cordial and thriving friendly relationship between India and Vietnam. The foundations for bilateral relationship were laid by Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and Vietnam’s founding father Ho-Chi-Minh.

As the largest democratic nation in the World, Indian realm should have been dominated by diverse narratives. But unfortunately a predominant narrative considered to be forthright, refined, elitist, and modern has been ruling the roost. All other interpretations or thought-processes are branded as brusque, orthodox, outdated and jingoistic.

An IAF An-32 with 29 personnel (6 air crew and 23 passengers) on board went missing on July 22, 2016 while flying from Chennai to Port Blair. The aircraft belonging to 33 Squadron took off from Air Force Station Tambaram, near Chennai at 8.30 on a 3-hour flight to Port Blair in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Amidst looming doubts as to why Prime Minister Narendra Modi undermined Indo-African connect and embarked on a four-nation tour only after two years into power; a quick memory check can address this beguiling ambiguity that the Modi regime has always accorded highest priority to traditional partners.

On the occasion of The United Nations World refugee day, on June 26, 2016, the Director of the Kashmir Hindu Foundation held a seminar in Los Angeles, USA. Presentations from representatives of oppressed and occupied nations from a multitude of ethnicities participated in the program. Dr. Amrit Nehru, Director, Kashmir Hindu Foundation, Dr.

Modi’s fourth visit to the United States in a span of two years has kept media abuzz. To all the critics, sticking out their neck with a predilection of “Is Modi’s visit to the US justified”? The answer is yes. Modi was invited to address the joint session of Congress which he graciously accepted.

On May 16th China silently mourned the Grand Proletarian Cultural Revolution, brainchild of the legendary Mao Zedong fifty years ago. As the citizens ruefully recollect the infamous decade of the calamity, the mouth piece of Communist Party of China, breaks silence promising that another Cultural Revolution would never happen.

On May 23rd ISRO successfully tested the reusable launch vehicle (RLV), a precursor to the spacecraft. In a major leap towards affordable launching of payloads into space ISRO is a test demonstrated RLV from the Sriharikota space port.

As Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gets ready to offer a full apology in the House of Commons on May 18th for the 1914 Komagata Maru incident, the incident has been in the forefront of many discussions.

The execution of war criminal Jamaat-e-Islami party head Motiur Rahman Nizami has brought in relief among the veterans and survivors of 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War.

Ever since the Left front government has been ousted from the Bengal takht in 2011 West Bengal Assembly Elections, they are desperate to be in the media limelight. The recent Jadavpur University 'disturbance' is a testimony of such negative politics from the pseudo Bengali leftists.

Every time any British contingent visits India or Indian dignitaries meet anyone from British Royal Family or British Government, Indian media starts speculating on the Kohinoor issue. Generations have witnessed Kohinoor as one of the crown jewels of the British Royal family showcased at the Tower of London.

India’s West Asia moment has finally arrived with strategists reckoning Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Riyadh as “spectacular”. Modi’s resounding victory at the General Elections, 2014 was meted with a tepid response from the Middle East who were largely skeptical of his Hindutva affiliations.