Recent molestation of young women by some young men on New Year's Eve in Bangalore was an example of appalling human character and conduct. Will it be the last time? Doubt it very much. Actions of these young men is comparable to that of Keechaka of Mahabharata. It's said of the epic compiled by the venerable Vyasa that you can't find anything anywhere which hasn't already been dealt within the epic. Moreover it's also said that, what's not in the epic is not found anywhere else. 

राज्य सरकार द्ववारा विधानसभा में एक प्रस्ताव पारित कर जनसुनवाई अधिकार अधिनियम बनाया था 2012 तक आते आते उसमे संपर्क राजस्थान की व्यवस्था को वर्तमान राज्य सरकार द्ववारा जोड़ा गया। इस वेबसाइट का मुख्य कार्य जनता की छोटी छोटी समस्याओ को क्रमबध तरीके से खत्म करना। कर्मचारी की जवाब देही निश्चित करना उसके द्ववारा किये गए कार्य से शिकायत करता को संतुस्ट करवा कर शिकायत को बंद करना है। इसके साथ अगर नागरिक सरकार को।विकास सम्बंधित सुझाव देना चाहता है तो वो भी दे सकता है। राज्य के किसी भी शहर ग्रामीण क्षेत्र की समस्या को दिखला सकता है ।

There were times I used to carry " The Emperor of All Maladies" secretly in the corridors of surgery ward and voraciously read it. Like what happened with me, that one book changed a lot of people's perceptions. Heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Siddhartha Mukherjee and his 2011s Pulitzer for nonfiction winning riveting biography on cancer which opened a wide vista of oncological world to everyone. From the days of civilization to the story of Germania it leads us to the conscientious work of Dr.

There is no other Nation in the history of human civilization which has been taken by surprise by its adversaries so often & with such remarkable regularity.   We were taken by surprise in 1947 by the tribals from Pakistan & lost half of Kashmir, thereafter the Chinese surprised us in 1962 & took away Aksai Chin. In 1965, the Pakis once again surprised us, in 1989-90 we were surprised by the uprising in Kashmir and then started the long saga of surprises; the Kargil intrusion, bomb explosions and fidayeens.

Dear Anonymous Twitter User,

Am writing this letter (as promised) to share my history, which you either genuinely do not know or are pretending not to know. Your response to this article made me realize that in the last 27 years, much water has flown down the Vitasta and that with Kashmiri Pandits, the last remaining proponents of Kashmiriyat, out of Kashmir, what things must be like for the kids there!

Olympics - the biggest International multi-sports event is running currently in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. More than 11000 athletes from 206 countries across the world are participating this year. India has also sent it’s the biggest ever contingent of 118 Players. We started with a ‘Billion Cheers’ for our team but as the games are progressing, we are finding out that our athletes are not able to win as many medals as we would want. The reactions to this have been varied. Should we start bashing and mocking our Athletes?

The two pillars of democracy – the press and the legal fraternity – have been in the news recently for all the wrong reasons. The two sections have been having ongoing fights in the various courts in Kerala. By fights I don’t mean the kind of legal fights fought inside the courts. These fights were fought in the premises of the court but not inside the buildings. They were fought on the grounds and spilled out to the streets. These fights were fought with hands, legs, slippers, sticks and even stones. Both sides claim to have suffered “severe” injuries.

It seems India is constantly on the boil; the reason now is not cow protection or Dalit suppression but Pure Politics. Without defending suppression of any caste and creed, I must say that politicization of any movement worsens the cause more than the injustice itself.

Contrary to what is being portrayed, the Dalit protests in Una, Gujarat are more about politics than social upliftment. The Boycott Call of some of the groups reminds me of the Nara Maveshi Movement of Uttar Pradesh but not in its entirety.

This week has begun with the shocking news of yet another daughter of ours being brutally raped and murdered in Kerala. Unfortunately, every other day we hear about rapes in some part of the country or the other, but what is shocking in this incident is the cruelty that has been inflicted on the girl. The demonic manner in which violence was inflicted on her almost equals Nirbhaya’s shocking rape and murder.

A call shook my world. That call was made from the Hospital ICU. “We were trying to reach you since half an hour. Please come at once to the ICU.” I was busy thanking my new friends, Gods. Tension gripped me; elevated heartbeat, sweating and mouth went dry. I was unable to swallow the Tirtham at the temple. I searched for an answer looking at God Chitragupta in Old City of Hyderabad. The statue was silent. The temple room fell silent. I pleaded “Please!”.

On this Women's Day, I salute my mother and all those other women who silently and selflessly work for the betterment of their families, and in effect the society. In their endeavor to help their spouses and kids, they often surrender their own identity. This, mind you, is one of the biggest sacrifices made by countless women across the globe.

Having said that, I am often reminded of a favorite topic from the 1980s and 1990s urban India: Women’s Lib.

I know it may sound clichéd, but it is true. In today’s world, it is not the girls who need to be taught how to live life, it is the boys who need to be taught how to live life along with girls.

From ages the society has been teaching girls how to live life. Do this, do that, do this this way, do that that way, and we hear these things a lot of times.

‘Don’t walk alone in the night.’

‘Don’t go all alone; take your little brother with you’.

‘Be careful when you go there, there are a lot of boys in that area’.

The year was 2001, when I moved to USA. I am working in the same company since then. Sixteen plus years, same group, though the duties have changed. My group redefined their competition at different times with a talented pool of people. I was lucky to work with such a bright bunch of people over the years. Sometimes, I felt I could compete with them, some other times, I myself got mesmerized by their sheer intelligence and novel ideas. Most of them graduated from the IITs and did their post-graduation in some university in USA. Given a well-defined problem, I would excel over them.

India is a rambunctious democracy; the light and sound shows by our politicians, media, and even the general populace, continue 24x7. In this cacophony of noises it is well neigh impossible to make sense of what is exactly going on in the country in any field; the opinions masquerading as facts, half-truths as gospel, and gossip as “sources”, leaves anyone looking for truth, grasping at straws.

The arrival of Social Media has made it easier to navigate through this dense foliage by sifting through the varied and variegated links and tweets on any subject.

Jallikattu is an annual bull taming sport played in Tamil Nadu as a part of Pongal celebrations. Bulls are bred specifically for the sporting events which are later used for breeding cattle. Bulls are let loose during the event and young men compete to tame them. The event was cancelled last year for the first time after the previous government imposed a ban citing cruelty. Unlike in the popular Spanish traditional of bull-fighting, the aim is not to kill the animals.

A huge debate ensued when the Mayor of Cologne urged a "code of conduct" for women. There are those who support his suggestion and those who shun it as an archaic thought. Feminists threatened this harks back to the "dark ages". For us in India it was revisiting the entire Nirbhaya debate all over again.

For all lives, the basic things for making a livelihood are exposure, experience, skill, knowledge, understanding and action. As part of current education system, Human beings spend about one-third to one-fourth of their lifetime to gain knowledge. Parents don’t know what areas interest their child. Children are too young to understand as to what interests them, so they are forced to learn everything till the 10th standard. But every child knows what her /his interest in time and space. Their interest might vary with time as they grow.

The writing is on the wall- Pakistani military IS planning a coup. Let me explain in detail how. Please note that I am no expert on Pakistan but I've been tracking Pakistan news over and also its history. A cursory reading of Husain Haqqani's “Magnificent Delusions: Pakistan, the United States, and an Epic History of Misunderstanding” will tell you much about how the Pakistani military establishment functions. It has a grip on each arm of the state to such an extent that some political parties act as puppets or arms of its policy.