November 2016

Donald Trump's win over Hillary Clinton may have surprised many as mainstream media and pollsters have been proved wrong. Analysts and psephologists will be doing a post-mortem of the verdict for the next few weeks by structuring. Breaking and analyzing the numbers in every way possible way to deconstruct the Electoral College victory of Donald Trump.

When Narendra Modi won power with a decisive mandate in 2014, the most favorite pastime of op ed columnists was to find a historical parallel for him. Since no one knew how he will run India, these crutches were important for ‘opedists’ because it helped them ‘evaluate’ a man who would tell them nothing and whose team would leak nothing.

Apart from the shared values of democracy and freedom, India and Israel enjoy a unique relationship. While a dominant section of Hindu society largely admired, Jewish nationalism and concurred with the moral and political base of creation of Israel, India’s official position on Israel was different.

Dear Mr Shourie,

As a long-standing fan of your work both as a courageous journalist and minister of disinvestment, I was saddened by the quality of your answers in your latest interview on NDTV. Not so much because you criticized the government’s demonetization policy as I am convinced that every policy of any government should be critically reviewed by people who are competent to do that.

Sun Tzu in his ancient treatise “Art of War” advises ““The whole secret lies in confusing the enemy, so that he cannot fathom our real intent.” In today’s highly connected world, wars are fought not only on battlefields but also on information front.  The opponents of Indian government’s demonetization have fired the first major salvo of disinformation by projecting State Bank of India’s e

The evening of 8th Nov was unlike any other evening for every Indian. Rich or poor, weak or powerful, within India or outside India; PM Modi’s announcement that 1000 and 500 rupee bills shall no longer be considered legal tenders rattled every one. The announcements had various effects on everyone.

Modi’s bonhomie with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe touched new pinnacles of bilateral Indo-Japanese bilateral engagement during the third annual summit at Tokyo. Right from the days when he was Chief Minister of Gujarat, Modi had a special relationship with Japan.

November 17 is celebrated as Sanjan day - the day the Parsi community is said to have landed in India. Known in India as Parsis for being originally from Persia, they follow Zoroastrian religion. When they arrived at a little town in Gujarat called Sanjan, the local Hindu king Jadi Rana or Jadav (Jadeja) Rana gave them shelter and permitted them to practice their religion and traditions.

Exclusive Videos of Rahul Gandhi at ATM” – screamed some twitter handles of news portals. Not in 2016, but in 2010. Yes, you read that right – in 2010! Back then, Shiv Sena was (yet again) on a hate-spreading spree of not allowing immigrants from outside states.

On the night of Tuesday November 8, 2016 as the world was tuning into the early trends of the US Presidential elections, PM Modi opened a new front in his war against black money. Not just that, he has done the unthinkable. He has managed to convert a government's war into a people's movement.

I wake up at 7:30AM, get ready, and start from home at around 8:30AM. As soon as I enter my Uber, I request the driver to tune into 94.3FM and I begin my fairly comfortable journey to my office in Vile Parle. The comforts of an air-conditioned car keep me unperturbed from the traffic on the Western Express Highway.

Ever since the big bang announcement of demonetization by the government on the 8th of November 2016, most of the opposition parties are in a meltdown mode barring a couple. One of those standing in support of the government is the Chief Minister of Bihar - Mr. Nitish Kumar. He has endorsed the war waged by Modi against the Black money more than once.

Pumbhava Saraswathi is an epithet given to a male genius who is considered an epitome of Saraswathi. Dr. C. Narayana Reddy aptly used this for Sri Balamuralikrishna who left this world leaving his ardent admirers in grief.

From Andhra with lot of grit and ... Love

The question of how many jobs are going to be affected by technology and to what level, has the potential to be debated for at least another decade if not longer. One particular event brought the topic into sharp focus in past several weeks and that was UBER launching driverless cars as a part of their service in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA [1].

The pace, pitch and pervasiveness with which the Modi juggernaut is advancing and transforming the future of India has created a unique problem for the United Opposition of the country. This is the problem of bankruptcy of ideas which is leading to an argumentation fatigue in India's public discourse reducing it to a sheer slugfest.

The world woke up to Breaking news last Friday: Fidel Castro dies at the age of 90.

Opposition parties have given a call for Bharat Bandh on Nov 28 to protest Demonetization Drive. Denouncing the move as anti-poor and anti-people, united Opposition will observe Nov 28th as “Aakrosh Din”.

Two years back, on this one of the saddest days of world cricket we lost a very fine cricketer Phil Hughes, who succumbed to the injury from an unexpected bouncer. Terrible it was…just terrible.. And reminds me of several moments from the dangerous cricketing past.