October 2016

The China Pakistan economic corridor (CPEC) is a $46 billion, infrastructure development project between the two countries, a part of Chinese one-belt-one-road initiative. This project includes rail and road connectivity, gas pipeline network, power plants and development of transit corridor facilities.

This year, India is celebrating 25 years of economic liberalization. Two authors, Vinay Sitapati and Sanjaya Baru, have bought to us two books – one a biography of P.V. Narasimha Rao and the other is a detailed account of how P.V.Narasimha Rao enabled the reforms to be rolled out, amidst great resistance.

The tamasha by Congress after the recent surgical strike is a stark reminder that the philosophy and agenda of our national development remains trapped by the Congress ecosystem. This ecosystem is a complex web of nodes and of favors and disfavors.

Congress ecosystem and its big lie

The final Presidential debate of 2016 has now come and gone. It will be the last face to face showdown these two candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, will have before election day. No doubt Mr. Trump would like more as he performs well on the stage and Ms.

Our first prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, has become famous for many monumental blunders that he made one after another, and each went on to weaken our country a little more than before. One such blunder was the Panchsheel Agreement. 

Philadelphia: A day after US presidential nominee Donald J. Trump said in a New York event that he loves the Hindus and India, not far from New York, in Philadelphia another group of Hindus were silently scripting together a brand new political coalition.

In response to various public interest litigations (PILs) on rights on Muslim women, Supreme court had asked government’s stand on Triple Talaq and polygamy allowed for Muslims under Muslim Personal Law. The government has filed a response opposing both polygamy and Triple Talaq.

The massive diplomatic blitzkrieg at Goa should indeed find a special place in annals of Indian foreign policy for the audaciously bringing out a collaborative commitment on fighting terrorism.

I think the first time I ever heard the former Mr. Robert Zimmerman was at a get together my 6th grade classmates at one of my friend's home. The year is 1966. Our host pulls out a record that makes a significant impression on us all. For one thing, the song lasts about 6 minutes.  Hold on. How can the radio play a record that long?

While Gandhi is often credited with liberating India from the British, with pure non-violence and force of character, the claim that he procured India freedom, let alone `bina khadak, bina dhaal', has recently been disputed at multiple levels (eg, by Ambedkar,  British premier Atlee etc.). We raise a more fundamental question here.

Each major historic event in India left a number of Indians displaced and lost to History. The first waves of such lost children of India begins in the tenth century with the beginning of Muslims raids into India under Mohammad Ghori and Ghazni and only continue under British rule until the 20th century.

Gandhi is invariably posited as an icon for India and humanity, and identified with Hinduism, particularly in US and Europe.  Dignitaries visiting India never miss the customary trip to Rajghat, and Indian prime ministers and presidents inaugurate one Gandhi memorabilia or another during each of their official international trips.

The Dangal in Mulayam Singh's Yadav clan and Samajwadi Party and Tata's tussle with Cyrus Mistry have pushed everything else in the background. The US Presidential race between Trump and Hillary is in its decisive phase. The post 'surgical strikes' situation at LOC remains tense. BSF recently countered Pakistan's transgression.

When the feisty young woman Ishrat Jahan from Howrah, filed a writ petition asking the Apex Court, "can an arbitrary and unilateral divorce through 'triple-talaq' deprive the wife of her rights and custody of her children?” rejecting her unilateral divorce, challenging its constitutional validity, The Supreme Court of India agreed to hear it. 

It was Saturday morning, and I woke up hearing my phone ringing. It was my sister from India who was calling me to inform that she got engaged last night, and they were going to get married in 3-4 months. I was very happy for her, and we had a lengthy talk about the arrangements for the wedding ceremonies, the invitations, the music, and of course the attire.

The last few weeks have witnessed a growing social media campaign, calling Indians for boycotting all Chinese products or goods.

In the week gone by, Ministry of Water Resources, headed by Uma Bharti, made a significant announcement regarding Saraswati River of yore. It released a report on Palaeo Channel of North West India: Review & Assessment by Expert Committee. The Ministry had constituted a committee of experts some 6 months back to find the facts about ‘mythical’ Saraswati.

I normally don’t respond to articles from magazines like the Guardian and Washington Post simply because countering them doesn’t make sense intellectually. They are not intellectual exercises. They are propaganda exercises. They are a part of a psychological, ideological warfare that only those can understand who, well, understand.