September 2016

Rajasthan is one place in India that is full of handicrafts and art work. Not only are the works of Rajasthan colorful and vibrant, they are also world famous for their design, intricacy and beauty.

In Thomas Harris’ cult classic “The Silence of the Lambs”, Special Agent Jack Crawford educates the bright but naïve trainee Clarice Starling, who is angered by the politics in the bureau that might potentially cost a young woman her life. He says, “Waste and stupidity get you the worst. Use this time and it’ll temper you.

The unprecedented attack on our Army base in Uri has a triggered a tsunami of anger. Indians are angry like never before. Irrespective of their political leanings they are demanding solid action and not just condemnations. They are deriding 'कडी निन्दा' kind of expressions. There are demands for making Pakistan pay heavily, punishing the perpetrators, breaking up Pak, and even annihilating it.

This is a humble attempt at unraveling the Kashmir issue – trying to analyze it from various perspectives.  If this comes across as a biased narrative, I have failed abysmally in my efforts.

People rant for different reasons. Perhaps because they feel they have to say something even if they have nothing to say. Or maybe they labor under the illusion that what they say matters in the scheme of things. But mostly, people chatter when they feel a kind of emptiness arising from some deep loss.

Some facts from Puranas.

The dastardly attack by terror agencies bred and propped by Pakistan on wee hours of September 18th on the Uri army base claimed lives of 17 army jawans and left 30 injured. This attack is one the deadliest attacks suffered by the Indian army in the last 26 years.

At around 05:30 AM on Sunday, an Indian Army Base in Uri, a place around 100 km from Srinagar witnessed a dastardly attack. 4 Terrorists attacked the base and inflicted significant damages to the base. The attack resulted in 17 jawaans losing their lives. Many causalities were caused when the terrorists lobbed grenades in the tents which resulted in some soldiers being burnt alive.

Since time immemorial the human race has always been fascinated by stars and space. We have looked at them and made segregated them into shapes of the zodiac, amongst other things. But our desire to know more about them has never been satiated.

The recently concluded state visit by Afghanistan President, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani fortified the long-standing Indo-Afghan relations. Buttressing Modi’s piquant call to impose sanctions on states sponsoring terror at the recent G-20 summit and the ASEAN Meet, Afghan President in the joint statement vociferously denounced the regional adversary for fomenting terror.

The JNU Student Union (JNUSU) election results were declared on 9 September 2016. The LEFT union (SFI and AISA) clinched all the four seats in the elections. Post the declaration of results the campus predominantly witnessed sloganeering, primarily "RIP ABVP”.

This story of Kashmir is about the Pakistani lies woven around “Azaadi” and “Plebiscite”, and it started with the decision of implementing two nation theory, which meant division of British India into Muslim majority Pakistan and Union of India.

The map, shown above, is of British India with all the princely states shown in pink-

An important avenue for advancing public policy reforms is to locate or to discern relatively small measures which could potentially have disproportionately large leverage, i.e. positive impact on desired outcomes, and then implement them effectively, using a system perspective.

As the news of surgical strikes by India against Pakistan was abuzz, the hues of response varied from elation, surprise and suspicion. For all those, who undermined the Indian leadership and military capabilities there was a formidable lump in the throat.

Indian Military lived up to the mandate given by PM Modi and his government to protect India against infiltration early today (September 29) morning in a stunning surgical strike 3 Kms inside LOC with Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. It destroyed 7 terror launch pads and eliminated 2 soldiers and about 38 terrorists who were getting ready to cross over to India.

Kashmir has been burning for decades now. Sometimes it is a jungle fire, wild and difficult to control, otherwise it’s a bonfire, keeps erupting a bit but doused quickly, but it’s burning. Who ignites it and who fans it, is pretty apparent, but more important is to know who supplies the fuel?  Who funds these terrorists?

ISRO has mastered the multi-burn technology by successfully placing satellites into two different orbits. The advanced version of the ISRO’s workhorse PSLV-C35 during the launch on September 26th hoisted 8 satellites into multiple orbits.

About PSLV-35

As the political cliché in India goes, the road to Delhi goes via Lucknow. The biggest state in India goes to polls in about six months, and all eyes are on it.