August 2016

“You can resist an invading army; you cannot resist an idea whose time has come”, this oft quoted statement somehow defines the state of affairs on the Indian soil which is undergoing a series of new-age reforms across the spectrum. They are being, but obviously, claimed transformational by the official propaganda machinery.

The system where the appointed ones see that people obey the law and work towards preventing the crime is the police system. Solving the crimes is one of the prime duties of the police system.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi was on a three-day long visit to India last weekend to carry out strategic deliberations with India to ensure India’s support for its stance on the South China Sea.

“Every country deserves to have the best possible leader and that means that women have to be given a chance to compete.  If they’re never allowed to compete in the electoral process then the countries are really robbing themselves of a great deal of talent.” – Madeline Albright, the first woman US Secretary of State

Dear Pradhan Mantri Narendra Modi Ji,

Indians know very well that you are very hard working and you understand a lot about India but Pradhan Mantri Ji by now we also know what you misunderstand! While people may be guessing many things, let me elaborate about what I alluded to:

Carrying the burden of aspirations of billion odd people, 21-year old, Pusarla Venkata Sindhu entered the fray to chase the gold dream.

It is very unfortunate that recently we are witnessing the increased instances of judicial activism by our Courts, in particular on the cultural and religious practices.

Two days can make all the difference. Two days ago, the discussion was going on in games village and sports headquarters in Delhi whether Indians are going to remember Rio Olympics as ‘unlucky 4th’ or not. Be it Abhinav Bindra or Sania Mirza or Dipa Karmakar, even a ‘Bronze’ medal seemed to be elusive for Indian contingents in Rio Olympics.

In the Indian epic Ramayana, Indrajit aka Meghnada was a unique character. Meghnada never fought in the open, rather chose his deceptive strategy of vanishing and reappearing and shooting from behind the cloud. The curious case of Amnesty International, the global NGO is no different, with their action and deceptive propaganda.

The recent bold references to human rights violation perpetrated by Pakistan in Gilgit- Baltistan and Balochistan by Prime Minister Modi at the All Party Meeting and in his Independence Day address from ramparts of Red Fort marks a sudden shift in India’s stratagem towards Pakistan.

Ever since undivided India started sending its contingent for Olympics, hockey has been the center of attraction. The team-game, which is the 'national sport of India’, has won so many laurels for the country at the topmost level at various times in Indian history.

Amnesty international is in news of-late due to a police complaint filed by ABVP activists in Bangalore. Amnesty organized an event for few families from Kashmir to share their stories of the loss they suffered at the hands of Indian Army and J&K Police.

Our security forces continue their grim battles against Pakistan supported separatist stone throwers in some parts of Kashmir. They aren't just battling the violent mobs. They are battling our politicians from Congress, NC and other parties whose main concern seems to be the use of pellet guns. These politicians are unmoved by large number of deaths of our security men.

In all the hullabaloo that is being raised on Special Status for AP and subsequent denial of request by the Central Government, it is imperative to see what the special status is all about, if any state which has had it benefited from it and, if there is a way that all parties can agree on.

PM Narendra Modi twice in August 2016 announced India’s support to Balochistan and intention of reclaiming POK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir) from Pakistan. This is a well studied and planned move by the Indian Government. It is a change and a new direction to Indian foreign policy in engaging two difficult neighbors Pakistan and China.

This is an original idea. However, it does not let my intellectual honesty rest easy if I do not acknowledge that the thought was inspired, or should I say triggered, by the work of Anand Neelakantan sir (

The agenda for the second Indo-US Strategic and Commercial Dialogue, commencing on August 30, 2016 in New Delhi, suggests that though the focus of the discussions will primarily be on geo-political, geo-economic, and geo-strategic issues of mutual interest, India is also likely to strongly urge for an early conclusion of the Totalisation Pact or the Social Security Agreement (SSA) with the US.

In the present world of shrewd diplomacy and complicated international relations, secrecy in defence projects is considered to be a must. The recent leak of key details regarding French designed Scorpene submarine has not only been a case of great concern but has also posed a serious threat to India's abilities in naval combat.