June 2016

Introduction:: The state of Jammu and Kashmir has occupied the minds of many since 1947.  The only Muslim majority state to accede to India, the state has been mired in controversy since its accession was prompted by a Pakistani invasion.   Part of Kashmir was annexed by Pakistan in a war in 1947 and The Hindu population of the state has long been subjected to va

Prime Minister Modi flagged off the tightly-packed five nation visit on June 4th 2015. Referred to as a “Consolidation visit” by strategists, the grueling itinerary that spanned three continents reaching five countries- Afghanistan, Qatar, Switzerland, US and Mexico began on an positive note.

The price of crude oil has been steadily falling. From being above $100 a barrel around July-2014, it has come down from this peak to around $50 a barrel today (12-Jun-2016) [1]

A couple of years ago who would have imagined that Yoga would one day be embraced wholeheartedly in Gulf countries??!! It becomes more pertinent when certain so called secularists back in the very place of origin of Yoga are deliberately opposing it for political reasons.

United Kingdom is all set to hold a referendum on June 23rd to decide whether it should remain in the EU or exit, in other words, “Brexit”, from EU. European countries rummaged by World War II in a bid to resurrect their economies began forging trade arrangements to propel growth engines.

Last week, while reading several reports on the Orlando Terror attack, I came across several media reports which referred to the terror attack on gays as a gun problem in the US. It surprised me that many so called media houses and their torch bearers tried their best to distort the facts.

When Sunil and Jeff took off around 6 a.m., the visibility was 2-km and there was dust haze up to 10,000 ft., typical of Jodhpur weather in May.

They climbed to 6 km for combat; at that height the sky was blue with visibility well over 10 km.

Husain Haqqani, former Pakistani ambassador to US and Sri Lanka, adviser to four Pakistan Prime ministers and an expert on India-Pakistan bilateral issues recently authored a book: India Vs Pakistan: Why Can’t we just be friends?. The book was widely quoted in the Indian media for its scintillating revelations that shed light on Pakistan’s involvement in Mumbai attacks.

Punjab's drug issue is real.  It is reported that four out of ten men are exposed to drug abuse and attendant crimes like drug peddling. About 50% of those are young farmers. Some are addicted to poppy husk and some others are addicted to synthetic drugs churned out by Pharma companies in Himachal Pradesh.

Growing up in the 90’s as a cricket fan was difficult in India. We had just started winning at home, but still remained below par in tours outside India. Regardless of how we did, two people made us believe that one day we could. One of course was Sachin Tendulkar and the second was Anil Kumble.

United Kingdom scripted a new chapter for itself when it opted to move away from European Union in a referendum that has divided the British society in the middle. Seen as a vote against what was termed as Brussels bureaucracy, ordinary Britons chose to vote for what they called Independent United Kingdom.

Like waking up from a nightmare and finding it to be a horror story, Brexit is a now cruel reality for public intellectuals, institutions, and markets.  The World markets got it all wrong. They panicked and lost US$ 2 trillion in value.

After Iraq, Libya and Syria now Turkey seems to slipping into chaos and disorder. Three suicide bombers launched attacks near Istanbul’s Ataturk airport, third- busiest in the World killing 41 people and injuring over 230 people on June 28th. Bomb attacks carried by IS and PKK, Kurdish Militant groups in Turkey over the past one year have claimed lives of 200 civilians.

Centre returns 14 bills to Delhi govt., Kejriwal fumes” – screamed almost every headline in the country. Few of them gave us details of “some of the bills returned”. Few quoted officials and “sources” to explain why the bills have been returned.

Viking invasions of our small island may be distant history, but ignominious Engxits from international competitions are nothing new for the England football team, the only difference being that, in Euro 2016, the boys have been well and truly hit an all-time nadir by the ambush of a well drilled band of Norsemen.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave an interview to the news channel Times NOW yesterday. The full transcript of the interview is here.

In his first ever interview to a private Indian news channel after assuming power, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Frankly Speaking with Arnab has covered lot of ground. For long Modi was criticized for failing to have an eloquent media spokesperson to communicate. But this wide-ranging interview aptly filled in that lacuna.

News of Chinese incursions on India’s northern borders has become a regular feature of daily news in India in the recent years and this is taken a step further in its opposition for India’s entry in to the NSG (Nuclear Suppliers Group). This leads India watchers and defense analysts proposing grand theories on how India must increase its defense spending for protection of its northern borders.