May 2016

Terracotta Yakshi from Chandraketugarh
India, Bengal, Chandraketugarh
circa 2nd century BC, Sunga period
35.5cm high

As a pre-teen, I was an effusive fan of The World This Week and no matter how painful, I would stay up late, every Friday, to watch it. Such was my belief in the authenticity of this new and different show! The veneer wore off as I grew up to realize that speaking good English is not the same as good Journalism.

Introduction: Agriculture is the mainstay of the Indian economy and constitutes the backbone of the rural livelihood security system. The farmers in parts of India are facing severe drought in the years 2015-16. The meteorological drought, Hydrological drought, agriculture drought and man-made drought conditions are the main causes.

Last year countries that emerged victorious and those resurrected from the clutches of imperialism together enthusiastically celebrated the 70th anniversary of the bloodiest and the most destructive war fought so far- World War II.

In this election season, like other election seasons there are takeaways galore. All of them are ‘key’ takeaways. Times of India has 10 of them.

The three main slogans for the Telangana Statehood Agitation were about its fair rights in:

1.            Neellu (Water)

2.            Nidhulu (Resources)

This post, or call it what you will, has been brimming in my mind and heart for ages - waiting to be penned down but never seeing the light of the day.

In a meeting on March 3, 2005 there was a tense conversation amongst myself, Dr. Maureen Hall of the Education Department, and Dr. Timothy Walker of the History Department at the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth regarding the use of word India or Indic vs.

The electoral verdict of the four assembly elections clearly pushed the country inches closer to the slogan ‘Congress Mukt Bharat’ advocated by the BJP. Back in 2014, old critics lashed out at BJP and trounced the saffron brigade for its vehement appeal to end the dynasty rule of the Congress. The slogan was ridiculed, the idea was drubbed as a day dream.

In a spectacular victory BJP snatched Assam from Congress. Assam once considered a Congress Bastion, reduced Congress to mere 24 seats in 126 seat assembly with BJP winning 86. The final results of Assam are below:

What my wife did three months ago, Trupti Desai ‘achieved’ last Thursday: Visited Haji Ali through the entrance earmarked for women; covered her head with her dupatta; skipped the inner sanctum.

Liberals are seriously upset with “Buddha in A Traffic Jam”. There are mainly three reasons for it.

First, the film portrays Maoists in their true colors: as the criminals, extortionists and killers that they really are.

Second, it depicts the nexus between underground Maoists and their suave over-ground collaborators, using academia as example.

On May 23rd ISRO successfully tested the reusable launch vehicle (RLV), a precursor to the spacecraft. In a major leap towards affordable launching of payloads into space ISRO is a test demonstrated RLV from the Sriharikota space port.

This article is a rebuttal to the piece written on MyIndMakers by Venkat Gandhi earlier this week on the Two years of TRS,

As the Narendra Modi government completes two years, there are various challenges that it is facing both politically and economically. To get a better perspective of where the Modi government stands 2 years after it was sworn in, we asked author and political commentator, Tavleen Singh to give her view on two years of Modi Sarkar.

I tried to make summarize topics in my Post Two Years of TRS Rule in Telangana in layman terms without getting into any technical topics, number crunching or making comparisons with any other state.

Rana Ayyub, a ‘journalist’ most popularly associated with, a ‘news outlet’ most popularly known to use ‘sting operation’ as a mode to collect news, has come out with a book. “Gujarat Files”.

In Part 1 of the Issue Brief, we discussed the current scenario of GST, scenarios for the GST, impact of the VAT and GST and GST in Agriculture. Now we will explore the impact of GST in different sectors further. We also looked at VAT rates in OECD countries and conditions in setting VAT threshold.