April 2016

This solution is going to be rather expensive. However, probably not half as expensive as the mini flyovers (lengths of these are less than half a kilometre which makes them basically signal jumpers) which sprung up in some questionable signals in Madras (Chennai) during the second half of the 1990s.

In an earlier series on Reinterpreting Bihar’s verdict (Part 1 and Part 2) we had looked at how elections pan out in India.

We have all heard the story about a little boy who calls the bluff of an entire nation. While the rest of the kingdom is merrily congratulating the king for his finest robes acquired at a very high cost from the conning merchants; this little boy dares to shout... 'but the emperor is naked'.

As the news of students in NIT Srinagar facing harassment broke, a number of folks from different walks of life decided to pay them a visit, thank them and lift their spirits. Shilpi Tewari, an architect by profession, was also one of the many who decided to visit Srinagar. She was the first one to reach there and speak to NIT students and give them an Indian flag and show gratitude to them.

Much has been spoken about Bhumata Brigade and its supposedly anti-misogynistic stand about letting female devotees 'touch' the deity at Shani Shingnapur. A court ruling allowed them to go ahead and under police protection the order was carried out where women touched the deity for the first time.

Balochistan is situated in central Asia and considered the gateway of world’s economy due to its geostrategic important location. It has an approximately 1000km long coastline which includes the most important port of Gwadar where Pakistan and China trying build the so called ‘CPEC’ at the cost of the lifeline of poor residents of Gwadar.

One of the most memorable scene in Frederick Forsythe’s iconic novel, ‘The day of the Jackal’, happens much before the cat and mouse game between the charismatic British assassin and his plodding French cop nemesis begins in earnest.

In the previous column this author explained how the entire Ishrat Jehan Episode was planned by previous Congress Government. to eliminate a rising political opponent, Mr. Narendra Modi, either physically, politically or judicially.

India is set to introduce GST, Direct Taxes Code (DTC), Property Tax and organizational structures and governance of tax organizations, with a view to reducing compliance costs and uncertainties.

Below are some Facts about the Indian Economy:

India’s International Linkages:

GDP 2014 Current Exchange Rates USD 2.1 trillion

People have heard many miraculous and not so miraculous things about Shri Hanuman, many times erroneously referred to as Monkey God, including by the President of America, Barack Obama, who keeps a statuette of Hanuman as part of his lucky charm collection in his pocket.

India’s rejuvenation of ties with Maldives despite New Delhi’s serious reservations to the current regime’s brutal trampling of democratic process is a testimony to “Neighborhood First” doctrine advocated by Modi.

To all those critics and historians, who often unequivocally mention the fact that India won independence because of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi's non-violent movement, the name Surya Sen itself is a stark reminder to their ignorance of Indian revolutionaries.

For people outside of the US there might be the misconception that we elect our political officials. Locally that is true. We do elect our state legislature and our federal congress directly. But when it comes to the presidency we do not. We elect people who, in turn, elect other people for us.

The Indian government recognises that systematically integrating energy efficiency and security in its development and diplomatic strategies is essential to expand India’s economic and strategic space.

In politics where there is a presence of strong “establishment” it is hard to differentiate between ideological adversaries and their nescient mercenaries. It is even more difficult to define the word “Establishment” which usually holds some minor strings of power.

The press release below is the submission by India’s Minister of Culture to Parliament this week. A cursory glance and basic research throw up glaring errors and omissions in the submission show the level of preparedness and competency in the current system to combat the illicit trade in Indian Antiquities.  

Rapid advancements in science and technology, the corner stone of 21st century has ushered the mankind into an era of stupendous achievements.

There is a story in Mahabharata which tells about a butcher Dharmavyadha who teaches about what is true Dharma to the Brahmana Kaushika. The teachings, compiled as Vyadha Gita are lauded for multiple reasons from status birth not determining the qualification of a guru to the practical explanation of Dharma.