November 2015

Respected Arun Shourie sir,

You have always been my hero. Along with M.J.Akbar, you represented the best of Indian journalism known to me, taking firm principled stand backed by profound reason and undeniable logic. That’s what made you special!

The very first thought of छठ-पर्व (Chhath Parv) makes me nostalgic. It reminds me of my mother (Maa) who had been observing "Chhath" for last three decades.

Barren broken earth, drought, and unkempt poor farmers rejoicing at the first sound of thunder is the beginning of the seminal classic Do Bigha Zameen (1953). Directed by Bimal Roy, this film ushered a new wave of Indian cinema.  Shambhu Mahato (Balraj Sahni) a poor farmer owes money to the Zamindaar and is threatened to sell his land in lieu of his debt.

George W Bush in a White House Press Conference on September 16, 2001 famously said “This crusade, this war on terrorism is going to take a while. And the American people must be patient. I'm going to be patient.

Warming up to the economic diplomacy of British Prime Minister David Cameron who prioritized investment in the Asian countries Modi made every effort to burnish India’s image during his three day long visit to UK.

Author's Acknowledgment: This article is mostly an amalgamation of thoughts put forward by an anonymous user who goes by the user name “hopewinsjunior” on various blogs and forums. I have used the arguments that s/he has put forward to form a narrative of the Bihar elections.

No longer in the realm of science fiction, space could be the battle field for the future world war III. It is well-known that both the US and Russia have space weapon programs developed over the 1970s and 1980s. These capabilities of cold-war adversaries were directed mutually at each other and India certainly would not have been a target.

Authors Acknowledgment: This article is mostly an amalgamation of thoughts put forward by “hopewinsjunior” on various blogs and forums. I have used the arguments that s/he has put forward to form a narrative of the Bihar elections.

Abrasions are evidenced in the Sino-US relationships of the late and mild tenor of the White House during President Xi’s state visit to Washington clearly underlines the same. Five contentious issues have cast their spell on the bilateral engagements which were addressed in the US-China Strategic Economic Dialogue (S&ED) that preceded Xi’s visit to US.

The India Ideas Conclave 2015 was the second edition of the conclave organized by India Foundation.

26th Nov 2008, 5pm: She had just got back from her regular checkup and doctor said "you are doing well but still be careful and take care because yours is a little difficult pregnancy". Yes it was indeed not just a difficult one but also much waited after three miscarriages.

She feels scared to open the newspapers every day.”

While Aamir Khan is drawing lot of flak for his statement that his wife wondered if they have to leave India, this other statement of his has largely gone un-noticed. Why does she “feel scared to open the newspapers every day”?

The sanctimonious debate of intolerance once again received a shot in the arm when Aamir Khan raised alarm and said that his wife is now scared to live in this country and worried about future of their son. Just like the intolerance remarks of Shahrukh Khan, this Khan too received great attention in the print and visual media.

MyInd Columnist S.Sudhir Kumar watched much talked about interview of Union HRD Minister Smriti Irani with Barkha Dutt. After watching the Interview he felt disappointed. He sent us a set of questions that we reproduce here. These are the questions that Sudhir feels should have been asked that would give us a better insight into the working of the HRD Ministry.

The debate about global warming and economic growth is often phrased in stark Manichaean terms.  We are told that we need to cut emissions now and we have been told that there would be more Katrinas if we do not cut emission. The increased temperature in cities around the world is attributed to emission.    It’s true the emissions have a role to play.

The heinous suicidal bomb and gun attacks in Paris that claimed over 129 people hailing from 12 different nations has shook the World. The tailored dastardly attacks spanning over 6 hours in the wee hours of the weekend has exposed the vulnerability of the nation to the grouse of terrorism.

The major focus during the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meeting in Manila, Philippines on November 18th and 19th would be on the Paris terror attacks though it is a trade promotion group that does not delve into security issues.

Throughout the history of South India, with so many dynasties and kings, many cities had the opportunity to serve as “Capitals”. Many cities were plundered, or just lost their sheen and are today relegated to history books or legends.