October 2015

On January 30, 2011, Swapan Dasgupta wrote  in Economic times ‘The irritation at the mismatch between words and deeds has begun to show: the latest report by the Reserve Bank of India shows that foreign direct investment in India declined by 36% between April and September 2010 compared to the same period in 2009. This decline coincides with FDI growth of 17% in non-Arab Asia.


In the part-1 of this article, there is an introduction to an empire called Satavahana Empire. They ruled vast areas of India for more than 400 years, and it stretched geographically from current day portions of Sindh on the west to Orissa on the east and Madhya Pradesh on the north to Tamil Nadu in the South.

In 1950’s, Pakistan, in order to woo China had not only voted for its permanent membership in the UNSC but also through the Sino-Pakistan Frontier Agreement in 1963 had ceded large tracts of the PoK to China under the guise of resolving territorial disputes (1).

The fifth generation of CCP leadership under Xi Jinping has de facto abandoned the Deng doctrine of keeping low profile internationally. China has become more ambitious of becoming a superpower and has been extending its sovereignty claims on the land and the sea. As a rising hegemon, China has started to challenge the existing international strategic order.

It has been 90 years since RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh – National Volunteers Corps) was born. For 90 years RSS has been like an elephant in a room of blindfolded people. Each has his/her own interpretation about what RSS is all about and how does it affect India’s national life.

The IAF's recent announcement that it is prepared to induct an additional 80 Tejas aircraft, over and above the 40 that it committed to buy earlier, has generated a lot of discussion in the press and on social media.               

Despite repeated flip-flops by Pakistan the US inadvertently seems to be enticed Islamabad’s famed mastery of duplicity and circumvention. Recent bilateral talks between Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and President Obama and the subsequent joint statement reiterates Washington’s renewed coaxing of Pakistan.

Harihara-abheda or Harihara-advaita, the non-duality of Shiva and Vishnu was an intellectual movement in the

Durga Puja is more than a mere celebration of the triumph of good over evil. Significantly enough, among the Bengalis all over the world, the essence of Durga Puja is unique in many aspects. Neither can one find those Garba dance formations nor the burning of the effigies of Ravana in this time of the year.

The cat is finally out of the bag! As a very much diminished Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif  arrived for a much truncated  summit with Barack Obama on October 22nd, initial Pakistani denials about a civil nuclear deal gave way to admission that Pakistan has already developed India-centric tactical nuclear weapons.

Most of us know the invention of zero ‘0’ by Aryabhat in India; but very few know about him or his real work in detail. Aryabhat was a famous Indian mathematician and an astronomer who lived between 476 – 550 CE. Most of his work was done towards end of 4th century CE.

He received his early education in Kusumpura, which is now known as Patna in Bihar.

Zaheer Khan, the Indian fast bowler, announced his retirement from International cricket on 15th October. Though it was a mere formality as Cricket fans knew that he had played his last match in 2014 itself but it was an official end to a golden era. Zaheer Khan is considered by many to be the best fast bowler from India after Kapil Dev.

The ongoing India-Africa Forum Summit (IAFS) 2015 from Oct 26th to Oct 29th reinforces India’s rejuvenated interest in expanding ties with its African fraternity. Indo-African kinship dates back to history when the first man believed to have originated in Africa migrated to Mesopotamia and subsequently to the Indian subcontinent.

Good health is more than just the absence of disease. The general trend should be towards “return to wholeness”, increasing self-awareness and empowerment as a sign of expanding personal and collective health.

What is Yoga?

A book launch event of TN Ninan’s book “The turn of Tortoise” turned out to be delightful for all Modi bashers. The statements made by Arun Shourie during this program were widely reported by media as a “blistering attack” on the Modi Government.

In the past few weeks shocking videos of the atrocities committed by Pakistani Armed forces against the protestors in the Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) surfaced ringing alarming bells for the international community. The brutal use of force to quell protests has exposed the tyranny of Pakistan.

By now the irony of writers and artists who are protesting about intolerance and growing fascism in India via newspaper columns, primetime television shows and social media is obvious to all. The façade that is playing out in media is a cruel joke in a country which is desperate for jobs, progress, and connectivity and for a rightful place in the global order.

Earlier this week, in a significant judgment by the country's apex court, Sanjiv Bhatt, the expelled former IPS officer on whom the hopes of everyone hating our Prime Minister rested, has been severely indicted by Supreme Court.