August 2015

On July 15th 2015, Infosys founder Mr. Narayana Murthy attended the convocation at The Indian Institute of Science in Bengaluru. In his address, he remarked that there was no earth shaking innovation from Indian Institute of Sciences or IITs while MIT had many path breaking inventions. The media went in only one direction, attack him.

More than a decade ago, I took a course in Archaeology, as part of my graduate coursework in Anthropology. We were asked to pick a topic and write a term paper on it. We had to first submit an outline of the paper, and develop it as the semester progressed. When it was my turn to submit my outline, my professor asked me why my results and conclusions sections were blank.

One of the biggest advantages of living in Europe is you are blessed with the opportunity to visit many countries. One such visit to Venice and Rome holds a very special place in my heart because it was our honeymoon. Rome and Venice have been the theme of many historical and romantic Hollywood movies which enticed us to choose Italy as our first holiday destination together as a couple.

Staving off the diplomatic lethargy and the political diffidence that imperilled India’s foreign policy strategies, Modi’s stand alone visit to UAE brought good tidings to the nation.

I agree with Narayan Murthy. We Indians, not just scientists, suck at coming up with new stuff. We are terrible at anything disruptive, non-incremental. I’m not getting into the semantics of innovation vs invention here – I’m talking about creating what doesn’t exist, dreaming up something new and (most importantly) making it happen.

Typically articles on Education either focus on statistics at a high level or about the standards in Premier institutes of learning or in some rare cases tell us that both Nalanda University and IIT are institutes of excellence!

The NSA level talks between India and Pakistan after hitting a Shakespearean dilemma has entered into imperturbable phase of stern talk. It has finally hit the logjam with Pakistan calling off the talks (1). The Political slug fest which initially eroded the veracity of the issue was steered into suddenly drawn redlines by Smt.Sushma Swaraj, who clearly enunciated the guidelines for the talks.

Introduction : The Indian Navy currently operates around 200 aircraft comprising

NMRH Project : The first part gave an introduction and talked about the Maritime Reconnaissance Aircraft, Fighter Aircrafts and Helicopter fleets.

Hurriyat was back in headlines last week when the NSA level talks between India and Pakistan got canceled after Pakistan insisted that Sartaj Aziz would have a formal meeting with separatists from Hurriyat Conference along with the scheduled NSA talks. Pakistan has been meeting Hurriyat for a long time, ostensibly in Delhi and not so ostensibly in Pakistan.

Indian Ocean Archipelago, Maldives passed crucial land legislation in the Parliament Majlis few weeks ago that approved foreign ownership of the land. According to the new legislation, any foreign individuals or companies that invest more than USD 1 billion and can reclaim over 70% of the land (for project) can buy land in the country.

This piece is a friendly warning in an attempt to help you identify termites early and protect your home from severe damage before it is too late. So let us first know the definition of termites.

NPAs and stressed assets with the Banks are causing serious concern in government and business circles. Almost everyone is talking about how this is affecting our growth now and there is serious concern that this is dragging our nation back to low growth rate and seriously threatening financial health of our nation. RBI has come up with some guidelines for resolving the issue.

IITs have a history of supplying business leaders to large corporations in the United States and across the world. There are not just business leaders but influential technology leaders in large corporations who have come from the IITs.

Prime Minister’s stand alone trip to United Arab Emirates (UAE), the first ever visit by an Indian Prime Minister in 34 years is drawing lot of attention. Indira Gandhi was the last Indian Prime Minister to have visited Emirates. In 2013, Man Mohan Singh was all set to fly to Abu Dhabi but the visit was cancelled at the eleventh hour.

Japan, in a major departure from its 70 years of pacifism, is making way for a bolder self-defense policy. Annual Defense White paper of Japan which took a serious note of the high-handed activities of China in the South China Sea was passed in the Lower House of Diet. But unlike the defense papers of the US and China, Japan’s report is tipped to stir a hornet’s nest.

UK's leading provider of air traffic control services, NATS, recently announced that several British companies have been testing the concept of using regular TV signals to track air traffic!

There comes a point in time in one’s life when it is beneficial to look back at the progress made and do any course correction, if necessary, or to pat oneself on the back for the achievements. What is true for people is true for societies and states as well.