2016 Year End

The year 2016 started on a dreary note for India. Pathankot airbase was attacked by Pakistan’s strategic assets, the veritable militant outfits, on January 2nd. Deep state of Pakistan reciprocated Prime Minister Modi’s impromptu visit to Lahore the previous week by launching a brutal an attack on Indian airbase.

The best (or worst depending on your point-of-view) part of December is that we get a chance to look back and analyze what kind of changes happened. 2016, has been quite unpredictable considering Britain voted to leave EU, Donald Trump was elected as the 45th President of the USA and at home, Demonetization happened.

2016 will go down the history as a year of Shock and Awe. What was usually associated with military strategy, was seen in political arena this year. As Liberals found themselves cornered with sudden rejection of what they felt was a Liberal Charter to rule the world, nationalists of all hues seized the narrative in almost all major nations.

Pakistan Zindabad...Hindu Hatao!

One of the reasons that the current Indian government won a decisive five-year mandate in the 2014 parliamentary elections was because the youth of the country longed for a militarily strong and self-reliant country. Judging by its defense preparedness efforts in the year 2016, the government has met expectations, perhaps exceeded them.

As we reach the end of yet another fascinating year, we'll look back at some of the top trends in technology that made news in 2016.